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New Tech Integrated

Our experts and staff are focusing on the most recent techniques and skills and do their best to integrate them into our software products. We will keep updating them for perfection so that they will always be fresh and bright in your toolbox.

Intuitive UI & Features

All our programs are targeted to end users and are characterized by both extraordinarily high quality and an easy-to-use user interface. Software shouldn't be difficult for all users - our straight UI places all features in the position where they obviously should be.

Free & Safe

Our software is completely free to use, without hidden cost or registration - you just download, install and use it as you want. At the same time, our software is nothing like the so-called freeware out there that comes with loads of malware of this and that. It is clean and safe.

Ongoing Support

Your problems are our problems - it is our pleasure to serve you with ongoing support. We strive to meet every user's need thus we provide tutorials on our website to teach you how to use our products and of course, you can contact anytime if you have further questions to ask.


Awards & Testimonials


  • BrotherSoft

    Editor's Pick
    To be honest, this YouTube downloader program is much more complete and competent than most of its competitors. It will automatically check the URLs pasted and prompt a hint to remind you of wrong URLs. And, we were able to effortlessly download YouTube videos of our preferred quality which can be easily set to download on the YouTube page.
  • Download 3000

    Undoubtedly, Free YouTube Downloader HD is your ideal choice for downloading and converting HD videos from YouTube. Only just a few clicks, you can complete the whole download and conversion without complicated steps. All and all we recommend this tool to people who love watching and collecting videos from YouTube, as well as users who have some local videos to convert.
  • Snap Files

    Very Good
    One of our favorite features of Free YouTube Downloader HD is that this product is able to perform video conversions on files from local computer. To do this, go directly to the Convert tab and add new files. A convenient file manager can activate the folder where the converted files will be saved, which makes it easy to find the exact file we are looking for.
  • Softonic

    Editor's Choice
    The program impressed us most is the ability to download YouTube videos just by pasting some URLs. Other features like sharp video conversion and a good user interface make this software well-rounded and win the award among the YouTube downloaders.


  • Samuel Horton

    By not having to wait endlessly for my videos to download,
    Free YouTube Downloader HD lets me get more done so
    I don't have to sit around waiting for my downloads
    to finish. It also makes it really easy to sync the
    videos to my iPod so I can take them on long flights
  • Gary Hermid

    Simple to use and work with fast speed. Overall, it is clean program and has no installation bundles. This is a very solid tool
  • Michael Goyer

    Happy to be capable of downloading video just through the URLs directly, instead of downloading from video sites. No worry about spending much more time to search for videos I need from different video websites any longer since I download & install Free YouTube Downloader HD
  • Chris Snodgrass

    Thanks to the built-in converter, you only need several clicks to convert your video with any video codec - DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.264, etc. and file formats - AVI, MP3, WMA, WAV, MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, etc. There are many different software applications to download and/or convert videos, but none are more easy to use yet feature-rich than your Free YouTube Downloader HD


Download Free YouTube Downloader HD

Download 100% Safe & Free YouTube Downloader Software Now.

Free YouTube Downloader HD is safe to install on your system. With the uninstaller included, you can remove it from your hard disk in seconds if you don't need it any more.

Download Free YouTube Downloader HD


How to Download YouTube HD Videos?

High definition videos are becoming more popular as video cards in computers improve. YouTube has announced that users now have the option of watching some videos in 1080p & 720p HD. These streams are available on certain videos, depending on the source file uploaded to YouTube. Free YouTube Downloader HD is a sweet tool that lets you download those HD videos off in just a couple of clicks so you can watch them offline.

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How to Download YouTube Videos?

Are you eager to download YouTube videos and transfer them to your mobile device of your choice to watch on the go? Now it's easier with Free YouTube Downloader HD which is totally free YouTube downloader software that allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube website and save to your local disc forever by just pasting the YouTube video URLs!

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How to Convert YouTube HD to iPad?

Do you enjoy watching YouTube HD videos, including music videos and television shows? With Free YouTube Downloader HD, you can watch these HD videos on your iPad. Free YouTube Downloader HD allows you to download YouTube HD MP4 to iPad and even convert the FLV & 3GP video to iPad-compatible H.264 video.

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How to Convert YouTube to MP3?

Love a music video you saw on YouTube, but just want to take the audio with you? Free YouTube Downloader HD gives you the ability to take audio off of a video and easily convert video to MP3 or other audio formats that work on the media player of your choice.

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Who Are We?

SoftPosh Tech, founded in 2005, specializes in developing the multimedia processing software for amateurs and professional developers. Through these years, our multifunctional software products & high-quality service have been distributed to millions of users worldwide and earned high reputation. Furthermore, we have also built up an efficient marketing network. We will continually create high quality & top-ranking software tools that make your work with multimedia smooth & effective.

Customer Focus

All our programs are targeted to end users and are characterized by both extraordinarily high quality and an easy-to-use user interface. We strive to meet every user's need.


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